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How to use Specialized HP Floor pump Airtool with Switch Hitter II

Aaron demonstrates the Specialized HP Floor pump with Switch Hitter II technology. At first, he kept deflating his tire trying to put the pump on. What Aaron learned is he had to be a little aggressive in pressing on the pump head onto the valve stem. As soon as he did that, it worked. The pump head just needs to be locked in and it's ready to go.
The video demonstrates both inflations of Presta and Schrader valves, the two common bike tube valves. Presta valves are typically found on road bikes and Schrader valves are usually found on mountain bikes, cruisers, and cars.
3:55 Schrader Valve
12:57 Presta Valve
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Replacement Head:
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Janna D. : Thanks for the great video. I got one of these pumps when I bought my new bike (with a presta valve) this past summer and have been loving its ease of use. Now am wondering if I can use to pump up the tires on my car or if I'm better off buying a separate pump.
J P : Thank you for simplifying this process. I just bought a brand new specialize bike pump, and yes I liked and subscribed to your channel.
Thanks again!
Keolain231 : Thank you so much for creating this video. I thought my pump is not working. But thanks to this video I learned how to attach it. For city bike what should be psi?
Kevin Vasquez : Thank you for posting this, something so easy seems difficult at first!!!
desertjedi : Hey Aaron, great video. I got this pump based on your recommendation. Can you tell me what the little rubber piece that came tied to the pump is for? The pump came with absolutely no instructions.

Specialized Airtool Comp Bike Floor Pump Review

Join us as we review the Specialized Airtool Comp Bike Floor Pump. Let us know your thoughts in the comments if you have experience with this product.

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DOM ABBOTT : Excellent!
HABS Inc. : ITS TRASH... avoid it.... Mine didnt last!
Outdoor Goyo : Thanks Dom!
Outdoor Goyo : What happened to it? Mine is still trucking and the one at the shop has been bombproof as a public pump for over a year.
HABS Inc. :  @Outdoor Goyo  The barrel detached from the base. It does work if someone is holding it but its kind of a hassle. Eventually i'll try to fix it but what worries me is the plastic part on the bottom. IIRC i bought around feb-march last year.

Specialized AIRTOOL MINI pump

Review of the Specialized AIRTOOL MINI pump
TOPEAK Rocket pump review:

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Enjoy the video.

Crankbrothers GEM pump review:

Specialized AIRTOOL vs Crankbrothers GEM min pumps:

traci maynard : Thanks for the review. Exactly what I’ve been looking for
Erlank Nel : I’m looking at the bigger mtb model. Any thoughts?
hallowarum : Thanks for the measuring, its really not written anywhere. cheers!
Cassemir Kh : Hi, is this exclusive to road bikes ?
I'm using a rockhopper sport. will this work with it ?
Vikram Sreenivasan : Which do you prefer this or the toppeak




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